I'd originally had a different story in mind this week, but a family emergency popped up. Everything's fine now, but it felt glib to do the initial idea. This got me thinking about just how open do you really want to be with a diary comic? I'm an extreme introvert, so this has been a challenging project, both artistically and personally. I'm still trying to discover that balance between showing enough to be human (confessing my Rick Grimes crush) while keeping a certain amount of personal space (not telling you what size jeans I actually bought).

And yes, I like the new Avril Lavigne single. I don't care if that undermines every Pitchfork approved playlist in my possession. Sometimes I even sing along to it in the car.

It's possible to put a man on the moon, but try to find a pair of pants that fit and that's a whole other story.

I didn't have many photographs to use as reference for this, but I do have one of my mother's grandparents. Randomly, as senior citizens one year they decided they didn't feel like passing out Halloween candy, so grabbed bed sheets and went door to door trick or treating as ghosts.

Now THAT is the kind of awesome DNA I can only hope to have inherited.

Sunday morning there was a speed trap a town over from me. I figured that was it and I was just going to admit I was an idiot once I got pulled over for an expired registration. Officer Friendly, however, failed to notice my March stickers and didn't stop me. Phew.

And yes, first thing Monday I went in and became a law abiding citizen again.

It is April 1st and it is snowing. Blergh.

Also, I have nothing personal against Nina Totenberg, it's just she's not a "RISE AND SHINE!" kind of voice. Cue Carl Kasell.