This week, my overactive sense of guilt and lack of criminal street cred get center stage.

It's winter. It's snowing. It's boring. I decided this week I could write a metaphysical comic about the banality and misery of January, or I could poke fun at my television miniseries obsession. I went with the zombies.

Also, my mother might not like "The Walking Dead" but she really likes "Hellboy" and "X-Men," so props for that Mom.

I didn't think a trip to Trader Joe's would inspire a comic this week, but it did. Also, Two Buck Chuck ain't half bad.

I had some unheard of down time this week. I also visited a coffee shop. Ergo, when worlds collide, a second entry this week.
Finished this one up before the end of the week: TAKE THAT INFLUENZA! Hopefully next week's installment won't involve me passed out in a plate of lasagna. And as of 1/4/11 I've consumed a paltry nine cups of coffee. I blame it on all the tea I've been drinking, which is really a desperate attempt to stop sounding like a 14 year old boy.