With this comic diary, I decided early on that I wanted to try to stay as true to life as possible. In the day to day there's plenty of humor, but there's also bills and parking tickets and influenza and all other sorts of things that chip away at you.

But things are what you make of them, right? Anyhow, that's what I was shooting for this week. That said, don't even start me about student loan interest rates...
Sketching this one I kept thinking, "You're really going to admit that you're a grown woman purchasing glittery heart cookies for herself?" The answer to that being, "Yup." It was kind of cathartic to tell the truth.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I actually do want to see that Justin Bieber movie. Purely for sociological reasons of course...

Skyping with my sister last week, we ended up discussing the dangers of exposing toddlers to indie music. Maybe they should slap some warning labels on that stuff? Also, if you haven't experienced Dr. Stringz, here's the video. He's a staple in my babysitting repertoire.

I wasn't sure I'd manage to churn a comic out this week, but that's where being an individual who gets by on very little sleep comes in handy.

To recap, Neko Case live is stupendous, her guitar really does have only four tuning pegs and Duckfat in Portland makes french fries that I am head over heals in love with.

Okay, now back to shoveling and shaking my fist at Mother Nature. I am over Winter in a big way.