Sometimes when my head's overloaded by life, I think of computers and binary and external hard drives and it all feels so computational. A reboot would be just the ticket, but since that's not feasible, I instead sit on park benches and listen to music and try to halt the nonstop flow of data. And gradually, incrementally, you find if not a cessation, at least a slowing.

(An aside, it wasn't until I finished this that I thought of "Masterfade" and its mention of a sky "full of zeroes and ones," but seeing as I like that song a whole, whole lot, it seems serendipitous).


  1. I think all the time that a restart on my mind like a computer would be so helpful. Perfect image.

    I want someone who can read binary to tell us what your bubble says or do you know?

  2. I did know at one point, but I forget now; dang! I found a binary generator online that will convert your text. If I remember right, the bubble says something about being overwhelmed and needing a nap.