Yes, this is behind schedule, but I figure I'm too far invested in this darn thing to abandon ship.

Thursday night I was ready to set the bookcase on fire after an unsuccessful hour spent trying to figure it out. This short-term disenfranchisement was compounded by 90% of my worldly belongings being still in boxes, extreme exhaustion and a diet consisting mostly of frosted mini wheats and coffee. Friday, however, I got out the hammer and started wailing on the thing and apparently that was just what the doctor ordered. I also ate something other than cereal and bought flowers. So, go me.

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  1. So glad you didn't abandon this ship! I really look forward to each entry - late or otherwise. Kudos to you for making this HUGE life move. SO not easy, I know. The last time we bought a house and moved was over 12 years ago and I am in no hurry to ever do it again. Hang in there!