I gave up coffee for Lent and it is every bit as agonizing as I imagined. A lifetime of caffeine consumption (my mother drank coffee while expecting me)*, has left me ill prepared to deal with the absence of my favorite beverage in the whole entire world. April 24 can not come soon enough...

*Okay, only a cup a day and a small cup at that. But still, I never really had a fighting chance...


  1. What is wrong with you? Stop the madness. Immediately.

  2. Sarah, you are a voice of reason. ;-)

    And whatevuh' Bobbett. It's on like Donkey Kong.

  3. Love your comic diary. Hope the coffe-holic in you has held. Only a couple days left. I guess we all know what you're lookin' forward to on Easter! Hope is a coffee bunny for you!